• The Predator-prey model

    The Predator-Prey model we use for simulation is a a simplification of an ecological system. It depicts creation and deceasing of agents and the consequential transformation of energy between agents within the system. For simplicity reasons energy is used as the ultimate currency of evolutionary fitness; being probably health, wealth and survival and reproduction opportunities….

  • Wealth as a heritage – cross country

    Wealth as a heritage – cross country Economic wealth can usually be inherited through parents, family or other relatives. However, economic wealth can also be more indirectly inherited through the public institutions, technology and knowledge individuals can tap into, without any particular proprietary exchange. For instance, when someone is born in a western economy like…

  • The Cradle of Capital

    When hunter gatherers roamed the world, accumulated manufactured capital was largely absent. The only capital around was human capital which accumulated through life time experience and natural capital. Since humans did not get old and intergenerational acquisition of knowledge was limited by the absence of written language, the stock of human capital had limited growth…