• The future of physical history

    Mass tourism is remarkably often centered around man made structures from the distant past. The phenomenon that historical buildings or structure are not made anymore. Reasons: equalization, no divinity anymore. Human labor is too expensive. 

  • Regime Shifts

    Example: From the Malthusian Era to Modern Economic Growth The transition from the Malthusian era to modern economic growth is a striking example of a regime shift. Until 1800 the economy could be roughly characterized as a zero-sum game for humans: wealth of (groups of) people could only gain or loose at the expense or…

  • Metaphysical principles of behavior

    GOAL CONCLUSIONS FOLLOW UP REFERENCES GOAL The purpose of this post is to relate the principles of biological evolution to the laws of physics.  Background Evolution is often described in biological terms. There are however universal physical laws which also seem apply  to the principles of  evolution. CONCLUSIONS The two basic fundamentals of human behavior…