• Selfish versus altruistic behavior

    Selfish behavior is widely recognized as the behavior most rewarding for genetic evolutionary fitness. The EACH project however, finds that altruistic behavior under the right circumstances can be beneficial for the survival of species over selfish beahvior. To show this, consider two types of asexual individuals exist in the population, differing only in their altruistic…

  • The direction of evolution

    So when evolution changes the world, the question arises in which direction? More specifically, does the world becomes a better or a worse place throughout time? I propose that evolution has no particular direction because there is no value system in evolution, only a survivor ship bias. On the other hand, maybe it could be…

  • Origins of Behavior

    First and foremost, human behavior is deeply affected by natural selection. Behavior which has resulted in successful reproduction and repetition throughout evolution ultimately survived and is utilized by ever modern human being today.  Evolution is a fundamental common ground for universal human behavior and can be regarded as a common heritage for all human behavior….