The intertwined area of competition and cooperation.

Metaphysical principles of behavior

GOAL CONCLUSIONS FOLLOW UP REFERENCES GOAL The purpose of this post is to relate the principles of biological evolution to the laws of physics.  Background Evolution is often described in biological terms. There are however universal physical laws which also seem apply  to the principles of  evolution. CONCLUSIONS The two basic fundamentals of human behavior …

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The singularity of human beings

Singularity is a concept most people easily can identify with. Human beings have a conscious mind, which is wired to think as a unit. Moreover, people who do not have this possession are considered insane. Singularity is usually considered a virtue. People who “take personal responsibility” or have “independent minds” are considered positive stereotypes. [difference …

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Cooperation and competition – a tug-of-war

In human behavior, competition and cooperation go hand in hand but, competition is the more fundamental force in the evolution and behavior of life. Competition was first and cooperation came second. This originates from the natural limitations in necessary resources for all living creatures. The struggle for limited resources in a limited (life) time span can often …

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